About the Last Connection Series

Last Connection Series


Six years after picking up my first paintbrush, I have learned a lot, painted a lot, and studied in watercolor workshops with some very talented internationally recognized artists.

I’ve been involved with the San Diego Watercolor Society as President and in various Board positions, and am currently serving as webmaster.

The “paint what you love” philosophy has resulted in a multitude of animal-related pieces, and has now evolved into my Last Connection series. These paintings depict the incredible devotion that dogs offer to their homeless owners. Most of these people have lost the ability to connect with other human beings, and their dogs give them the emotional connection that we all need.

In all my research into this subject, I have never seen a mistreated dog. Instead I’ve seen people who will feed their dogs first, while they themselves go hungry.

Though these paintings may be full of conflicting emotions and painful to look at, to me they are a celebration of our canine companions at their finest.