About Ally

Though Yosemite area artist Ally Benbrook spent her career involved with fabric design and fiber dyeing, she never actually picked up a paintbrush until well after her 50th birthday, when she signed up for a watercolor class with her 80-year-old mom.

Through workshops with national watercolor instructors and daily painting, Ally has quickly developed her own unmistakable style. Whether a portrait or a "moment in time", Ally's work resonates with the power of the human connection to animals, nature, and our own personal histories. Her intrinsic awareness of design and color, combined with the free-flowing nature of watermedia, create the kind of art that will be enjoyed day after day.

Ally's work has already won awards in national shows. In 2013 her work was juried into 12 national and international exhibitions, including 2 top awards. 2014 included 11 national and international juried exhibitions, earning 7 awards including a Best in Show and an award at the New York Arts league. In 2015 her work was juried into 16 national/international shows, including the prestigious Shenzhen Biennial. This national recognition continues each year.

Ally has earned Signature Status in 8 National/International Watercolor Societies.

After 4 years as a partner in Studio 16B at Spanish Village in Balboa Park, Ally and her husband Mike have re-located to Oakhurst, CA, a small town near Yosemite National Park, where they will operate Oakhurst Spirits, a craft distillery and  art gallery. Visit the website www.oakhurstspirits.com